About Us

Heritage and a Proven Track Record

We pride ourselves for our service approach to our clients, the development of our people, our network of trusted associates and strive to continuously offer our experience and support to the communities which we operate in.

We currently have around EURO 1bln Assets under Administration. We serve a number of significant investment structures with focus in Europe, CIS Countries, Middle East and the UK.

ATG principals are founding members of the industry representation bodies - Cyprus Investments Funds Association (CIFA) and Cyprus Fiduciary Association (CyFA). Our companies are regulated by Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus ICPAC and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission CySEC.

ATG is the commercial acronym of the Athina Trust Group, a Financial Services group with a vision focused on creating, protecting and growing wealth with our trusted partners.

Our Expertise

Delivering And Growing Value

We strive to be the trusted service partner of our clients from the initial stages of planning and choosing a tailored solution, to implementation, regulatory compliance, to ongoing administration and management.

We provide a seamless link between all parties involved for the service offering to our clients by being the coordinating party between Fund Managers, Fund Promoters, Investors, Lawyers, Bankers, Custodians, Auditors, the Regulator and other authorities.

  • Our service approach helps our clients to create, protect and grow their wealth
  • Our tailored solutions create wealth in an optimal investment structure
  • Our diligent approach protects our clients and their wealth
  • Our proactive daily engagement allows our clients to focus in growing their wealth

Our Mission is to create, protect and grow wealth
with our trusted partners

Our vision and values

We strive to build and grow trusted partnerships with our Clients, our People, our Associates and our Communities as our contribution to a new world of opportunities.

Our view of wealth extends beyond financial returns and it encompasses stronger relations based on trust, new opportunities with expanded potential, a complex world made simple and an overall positive experience of abundance and prosperity.

  • Clients

    We nurture the wealth of our clients, creating value through tailored solutions, safeguarding the smooth running of their operations, offering them the time and opportunity to pursue their goals

  • People

    We cultivate the potential of our people, giving them the space to grow and fulfil their potential, embracing and encouraging their individuality and diversity, providing guidance and support to develop their creativity and talent

  • Associates

    We promote mutually beneficial relationships with our associates, creating a network of centres of excellence, sharing common values and vision through aligned interests, encouraging and developing added value for each other

  • Communities

    We contribute to our communities for a world of new opportunities, recognising the wider potential in every opportunity, co-creating an environment of growth, respecting and sharing with our peers

We serve you with pride

  • Professionalism

    Aspiring to the highest business and ethical standards

  • Responsibility

    Taking ownership and accountability of our actions

  • Integrity and Inspiration

    Conducting business in alignment with the highest principles of ethics, trust and honesty while inspiring to achieve the highest potential

  • Diversity and Respect

    Working with multicultural clients and teams, exercising courtesy and respect to individuality

  • Excellence

    Striving for exceptional performance and continuous improvement

Our Symbolism

Heritage in our Services

We have decided to brand the Athina Trust Group ATG with a logo inspired by the Ancient Greek tradition, that symbolises the philosophy and work ethos behind the way that we service our clients, our people, our associates and our communities.

The logo combines 3 elements from the statue of Goddess Athina.


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