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Heritage In Our Services

We have decided to brand the Athina Trust Group ATG with a logo inspired by the Ancient Greek tradition, that symbolises the philosophy and work ethos behind the way that we service our clients, our people, our associates and our communities.

The logo combines 3 elements from the statue of Goddess Athina

Athina was the ancient goddess of Wisdom and the Protector in antiquity of the prosperous city of Athens. According to the mythology she was a peaceful warrior always ready to take well thought-out and strategized action to grow the wellbeing of her people. Her place of worship, the Parthenon, on the sacred hill of the Acropolis still stands today as one of the most prominent beacons of light for all humanity.

The elements reflected in our logo are the Helmet (for Wisdom), the Shield (for Protection) and the Spear (for Action) representing respectively the three pillars of the ancient ways: Creation, Protection and Growth.

Our creed through this symbolism is clear:

  • We help you Create wealth through wise choices
  • We Protect your wealth with due care and love for what we do and
  • We help you Grow your wealth with our proactive view for new opportunities

The Symbolism

  • Our logo symbolism of creation


    Creation starts with wise choices.
We guide our clients through the maze of options to distil the right choice for a tailored funds solution.

    Our tailored solutions create wealth in an optimal investment structure.

  • Our logo symbolism of protection


    We work with our clients to administer and manage their funds as their trusted service partner.

    Our diligent approach protects our clients and their wealth.

  • Our logo symbolism of growth


    Growth requires the undivided attention of our clients to what really matters for their business and investments.

    Our proactive daily engagement allows our clients to focus in growing their wealth.

We put our heart in our work
and our service offering reflects this

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